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Five Star Book Reviews for Author Sandra Hersey

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sandra Hersey. Christian Author. Inspirational Blog

“A MUST Read!” – Kerry – TN 

“Sandra breaks down these spiritual nuggets down to their basics so it is easily digested into the mind and spirit of the spiritually discerning reader.” Amanda – OH

“Essential for your faith walk!” Veronica – OH

“You must get yourself a copy of this book. I read it, and it stirred up my soul and gave me a higher perspective of how GOD works and how the outcome is always victorious!” Lee Amazon review.

“Wow! I, too, now know I can go through my trial and come out the other side. Thanks for being so real, Sandra!” Kim – CA

“Sandra, I’m reading your book, and you bring me to such truth and tears. THANK YOU!” Rose – AZ

“Sandra, as soon as I started on the introduction, I was crying. Thanks for sharing this book; what lessons from God!” April – NC

“Seriously changed how I see what God’s Word is for in my life. Applying it in my prayer time was something I had never done. Loved this book so much that I reread it over and over several times this year. Georgia – TN

“I never realized how much I allowed my mind to be in control. Thank you, Sandra, for helping me learn how to think about the thoughts God has for me. I am very grateful for this book.” Helen – WI

“Who would have thought that my life would have turned out as it did? I felt so devastated, and then your book was put into my hands! Thank you is not enough. June – IL

“A joy to read! Loved it so much I could not put it down!” Veronica – CA

“The last book I read of yours I thought was wonderful; then I read this book and was blown away! You always are so real and help bring the Word to where I am. Kelly – IN

“I have always loved your teaching the Word of God, and now to have you come along with me every day in a book is just wonderful. Love you and love every book you have written.” Jill – FL

“I cannot express just how much your books help me. I am so excited about a devotional from you!” Holly – TX

“It took me three days to read this amazing book! I simply couldn’t put it down. When I tell you it will change how you think and approach life with the mind of Christ… you better listen to me! What I love most is that I know personally she lives every word of this book. If you’ve been struggling in your thought life with anxiety, worry, fear, depression, etc., this book is a must-have! It will definitely help you change your thoughts and ultimately change your attitude and behavior! Get it on Amazon now along with her other two books, The Drying Pot & I’m a Sword Wielding Devil Slayer!” – Quelynn, Inc.