The Drying Pot

In challenging times, Learn how God guides you towards victorious and triumphant steps in your life.

As followers of Christ, it’s crucial to recognize that God has a distinct purpose for every individual. Through a process of transformation, we become vessels for His glory. Therefore, it’s essential to identify and understand our plan and purpose in life.

Finding God’s plan and purpose for our lives can be challenging, especially when dealing with tough situations. But in this book, I share personal trials from my own life, provide Biblical insights, and offer practical steps to help you endure and come out victorious during difficult times. This book will guide you through the journey and help you strengthen your faith.

Learn How:

  • To walk victoriously through the refining fires in your life right now
  • How God’s power works in your life
  • To wait on God and gather the valuable lessons He wants you to learn.
  • To stand on the Word of God and get results!