Does God Care About My Designer Labels?

Do the labels we wear matter to God? Our true identity is not defined by the labels we use to categorize ourselves. Designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel suggest social status, but they have no significance in the eyes of God. Our true identity is found in our relationship with Christ, exceeding any label.

How To Leave Fear Behind Today

As a Christian, it’s common to struggle with fears of the unknown, what the future may bring, and the challenges that lie ahead. But did you know that living in fear is not what God wants for us? So, how can we, as Christians, overcome our fears and leave them behind?

You May Be Flawed But You Are Still Worthy

Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness due to flaws and shortcomings? I want you to know that despite your imperfections, you are still worthy of God’s love, grace, and mercy. Sister, you may be flawed but you are still worthy.

Is Being A Perfectionist a Good Thing?

Being one who strives to be perfect can generally be seen as positive. It demonstrates a strong work ethic and character and can motivate one to perform at their best. However, is being a perfectionist a good thing?

Is God Mad At Me?

Is God mad at me? I have heard this question asked by people; I have even seen movies where the characters ask the same question. When something goes wrong, we believe God is repaying us for something we have done before, thinking He is mad at us and wants to punish us. Let me tellContinue reading “Is God Mad At Me?”