The Author

cropped-sandraherseyauthor.jpgGreetings, my new friend! It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Sandra Hersey, and I’ve worn many hats in my life. I’ve been a Bible teacher, speaker, leader, businesswoman, three-time cancer crusher, wife, mom, and most importantly, “Gigi” to six wonderful grandchildren.

Pursuing my lifelong passion for writing has been a true blessing, and I’m proud to say that I’ve authored three books so far.

I have been fortunate to use my teaching skills as both an administrator and teacher in local Bible Colleges, which were enriching years.

I must confess that the moments I cherish the most are the ones I spend with my family every week on what we call “Family Day”. Being with the people I love the most is an experience that cannot be matched by anything else. We also take an annual vacation together as a family, where all sixteen of us, from the youngest infant to my husband, who is the oldest, travel to a destination where we can create unforgettable memories.

Many people inquire about my teaching and writing focus. Without hesitation, I can say that my top priority is to encourage others to rely on the Word of God to achieve the outcomes promised to them. I am deeply committed to assisting individuals in pursuing their aspirations and surpassing their perceived limitations. My aim is to inspire people to embrace positive change through God’s Word and exceed their own expectations.

If you have a moment to connect I hope you reach out!