The Author


Hello there, nice to meet you! My name is Sandra Hersey, and I’ve had quite a few different experiences in my life. I’ve been a Bible teacher, speaker, leader, and businesswoman. I’ve also overcome cancer three times! But what I’m most proud of is being a wife, mother, and GiGi to six amazing grandchildren.

I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passion for writing. It brings me joy to have published three books.

I have been blessed to apply my teaching skills in administrative and teaching roles at nearby Bible colleges, which were fulfilling years.
Honestly, my favorite times are when I hang out with my family on our weekly “Family Day.” There’s just something about being with the people I love the most that feels so special and unique. All sixteen of us take an annual family vacation, from the youngest infant to my husband. We travel to a destination where we create unforgettable memories.

Whenever someone asks me about my teaching and writing, I answer with unwavering conviction. My ultimate goal is to empower others to rely on the Word of God to achieve all that they are promised. I am wholly committed to assisting individuals in pursuing their dreams and overcoming any obstacles in their path. My sole purpose is to motivate people to embrace positive transformation through the power of God’s Word and exceed their own expectations.

If you have a moment to connect, I hope you reach out!