How To Be Still and Know God Has You In Difficult Times

In difficult times, find stillness and trust in God’s plan. Explore practical tips for staying grounded and faithful, from prayer to self-care. Find peace and reassurance in God’s love.

How Life’s Challenges Can Either Shake or Shape Us

Life’s challenges can either shake us or shape us. When we’re faced with difficulties, it’s easy to feel like we’re being knocked down. Learning how to Trust God in difficulties leads to victory.

How to Trust God When Life Is Too Hard?

The post discusses the importance of trusting in God, especially during difficult times. It emphasizes that trust in God requires deep-rooted belief in His reliability and ability to guide us through challenges. Using personal experiences, the author shares her struggles, affirmations, and realizations about putting faith in God. The post highlights specific biblical passages to encourage the reader to trust and find peace in God, who is always present and offers unwavering support.

Is Being A Perfectionist a Good Thing?

Being one who strives to be perfect can generally be seen as positive. It demonstrates a strong work ethic and character and can motivate one to perform at their best. However, is being a perfectionist a good thing?