Is God Mad At Me?

Is God mad at me? I have heard this question asked by people; I have even seen movies where the characters ask the same question. When something goes wrong, we believe God is repaying us for something we have done before, thinking He is mad at us and wants to punish us. Let me tell you the short answer to this pressing question: Is God mad at you – the answer is a resounding NO! Each week, when my son preaches, he always seems to come back to this one statement at some point in his message – God is not mad at you – He is madly in love with you!

God does not care what you have done in your life; God is not mad at you. He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for you because He loves you so much (Ephesians 5:25). Even though this happened long before you were born, God sent Jesus to die for your sins BECAUSE He loves you. Therefore, why would He send His son if He was only going to be mad at you anyway? God is not in the business of hurting you, He is in the business of loving you. He pursues you; He woos you; He wants you in His life and wants to be in yours. No one who goes through that much pursuit intends to hurt you or just be mad at you.

Our belief system is one of the reasons we think God repays us with bad things. Because people have hurt us and repaid us with bad things, we expect God to do the same. Maybe we have been abandoned and expect God to abandon us; however, He said He will NEVER leave us! (Deuteronomy 31:6) God is not mad at you; He is madly in love with you!

According to the Bible, God IS love. This is a concept we really cannot completely understand. We say we love something or someone; however, our love is conditional – meaning we act towards others on how we feel in that moment. God’s love is not conditional – He loves us no matter what! And if the Bible says God IS love (1 John 4:8), how can love be mad? The Greek word agapos is referred to as agape love in this verse. Agape love is used when speaking of unconditional love, a love of the highest form. This love of God is boundless. Did you get that – His love for you is boundless! The word boundless, according to the dictionary, means “having no boundaries.” His love for you has NO boundaries! As humans, we put up boundaries, and when we are mad, we may even put up huge boundaries – but not God – His love for you has no limits!

God does not only give love; He is the source of love and the one who created love. It is because of His love we can love. So I ask you, how can God BE love, give love, create love, and yet be mad at you? He cannot, and He does not. Again, my friend, God is not mad at you, He is madly in love with you!

I’d like to share a brief clip of my son discussing this topic.

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